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We are dedicated to saving energy and helping the environment.

As a company we take significant steps to limit our impact on the environment. These steps detailed below.

Energy Efficient Machines

Most of our machines are more energy efficient than those you’re likely to find in the vending market and a considerable number of these A and A+ energy rated machines are also available at an affordable price, allowing our customers to make an environmental and cost-conscious choice when it comes to their vending solution. While the larger and newer energy efficient models can be on the expensive side when it comes to the initial purchase price, they save money in the long term when you factor energy bills and running costs into the equation.

The price of a brand new energy efficient vending machine starts from around £2,500, but our used and refurbished machines can be bought for as little as £1,000. We are incredibly competitive when it comes to price and we can beat any quote for a new or used energy efficient vending machine.

On average, we are able to save you up to 25% off the price of an energy efficient machine.

Refurbished Machines

We don’t just sell energy efficient machines; we create them too. As one of the UK’s leading buyers of used vending machines, we purchase machines in any condition in order to bring them back to life. When refurbishing our machines, we add energy efficient components and materials so they use significantly less energy when compared to their original performance. This incredible service lowers the energy waste associated with breaking up and disposing of old machines, and saves money for operators seeking to provide vending facilities on a budget.

Power Saving Device

One of our finest accomplishments as a company is the creation of the Vend Power Save (VPS) device. This vending accessory can be placed in most refrigerated machines and its sole purpose is to cut down unnecessary energy use. Depending on your location and customer numbers, it can cut your energy consumption by up to 76%.

We consistently strive to lower our impact on the environment and make every effort to ensure our customers can, too.

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