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Below you will find our most frequently asked questions.

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How much do vending machines cost?

There are two types of expenses you’ll need to consider when it comes to vending machines: purchase price and operational costs.

The initial purchase price of a vending machine is dependent on a number of factors: a machine’s age, condition, model, and manufacturer will all have an impact on the total amount you’ll pay.

For the operational costs, things are no less complicated. Again, you need to consider a number of factors: energy consumption, product margins, servicing fees, site rental, and more.

What kind of businesses and organisations do you work with?

We have supplied vending machines to offices, schools, universities, banks, hospitals, gyms, leisure centres, shopping centres, train stations, bus depots, and even film production companies. Our vast range of machines allows us to find a suitable and affordable vending solution for any business, organisation, location or environment.

Where do you deliver?

Though we are based in the UK and primarily deliver our machines nationwide, we are able to ship machines internationally. In the last 30 years we have supplied vending machines to clients in every single continent, bar Antarctica.

So the simple answer is: we can deliver a machine to almost anywhere in the world.

How much can I earn with a vending machines?

There’s no conclusive answer to this question due to the sheer number of variables. Your earnings will be dependent on what machine you have, how many machines you have, what products you’re selling, how much you’re charging, where your machine is located, and how many customers you have.

How can I improve my vending machines profits?

The improvements you can make depend on your customers, machine type, and location.

If you’re not making much profit, look at what products are or aren’t selling and adjust your product offering accordingly. Sometimes it works to get two machines – one for healthy fresh food and one for more indulgent snacks – so you can offer customers more of a variety and thus attract more sales.

Also think about your machine’s location – is it easily accessible, in a well-lit area, and near a large amount of footfall? If not, it might be time to move the machine.

When should I upgrade my vending machine?

There are a few reasons why you might want to upgrade your machine.

If the needs of your customers have changed, you can choose a vending machine that’s more suitable for your users, such as one with a higher capacity or the ability to serve a wider range of food or drinks.

If your machine is quite old, upgrading can allow you to access some of the latest vending technology, such as contactless payment, LCD touch-screens, advertising capabilities, and even remote communication technology.

If your machine is broken or on its last legs, you can part exchange for one of the latest model. This can save you money on a new machine and the hassle of trying to dispose of the old one.

Can I trade in my old vending machine?

Yes, you can. For more information, take a look at our part exchange scheme.

How big are your vending machines?

When you’re choosing a new or used vending machine for your premises, one of the most important factors to bear in mind is the size and shape of your desired machine. If you ignore the vending machine dimensions, you may end up making a costly mistake if it doesn’t fit in its allocated space.

Fortunately, we have a range of machines in various sizes. Some can fit comfortably on a tabletop, while others need a few meters or more of open space. No matter what amount of space you have, we’re sure to have a suitable machine.

Can your machines sell healthy products?
Yes. Quite a few of our machines have been built or customised so they are able to vend healthy products and fresh food.

What happens if our free vending machine is burglarised or vandalised?
We’ll fix and restock the machine free of charge.

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