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Rent or Lease Vending Machines

Affordable and relaible

Giving you complete control of your vending solution.

If you’re debating whether or not to buy a vending machine outright – or if you need one for only a limited amount of time – why not get a machine with one of our rental or lease agreements? At Vendtrade we have a range of machines available to rent or lease at affordable prices, giving our clients extra flexibility when it comes to their vending solution.

If you’re a company or individual seeking a risk-free way to enter the vending market, or simply need a vending machine for the short-term, our rental and lease agreements were made for you in mind. With cheap upfront fees, renting or leasing a vending machine is a cost-effective way to test the demand for vending facilities at your premises before making any long-term arrangements.

When you rent or lease a vending machine from us you don’t have to worry about servicing costs, repairs or maintenance – we have it covered. What’s more, you’re free to stock the machine with your own choice of products at the prices you choose.

We take care of the machine and you take care of the profits – 100% of which you keep.

You can rent or lease one of our vending machines from three months to five years, after which you can purchase the machine outright or upgrade to a newer model. Of course, if you no longer require vending facilities at the end of the agreement, we’ll take care of the removal for you.

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