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Fantastic deals on our current refurbished range.

When it comes to vending machines we have every type of machine available from all different manufactures. Listed below are a few special offers we have on refurbished equipment at the moment. We offer a nationwide service and complete service agreements. All machines listed below come with a 12 months parts warranty as standard.

Crane Voce

Refurbished Crane Voce

The Voce is one of Crane’s most innovative machines yet. It’s customisable, environmentally-friendly, modern, and fast – perfect for busier locations.

Only £1,600 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,950)

Go to the Voce

Necta Sinfonia

Refurbished Necta Sinfonia

If you’re in need of a fast, superior, and energy-efficient cold drink vending solution, the Sinfonia is for you. With a wide glass window, eye-catching LED drink illumination, and a capacity for up to 63 selections, the Sinfonia is sure to drive those impulse sales.

Only £1,800 plus V.A.T. (Was £2,000)

Go to the Sinfonia

Necta Sfera

Refurbished Necta Sfera

The Sfera is the ideal flexible vending machine for inside locations. It offers protection from vandalism and can be customised to stock a variety of products — from snacks and cans to bottles and baguettes.

Only £1,450 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,700)

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Klix Outlook

Refurbished Klix Outlook

The Klix Outlook is a popular and reliable hot drink machine offering a wide range of drink choices, ideal for large sites and offices.

Only £1,100 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,400)

Go to the Outlook

Necta Snakky Max Green

Refurbished Necta Snakky Max Green

Necta’s compact combination vending machine, capable of housing a high number of snack and drinks in locations with restricted space.

Only £1,550 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,850)

Go to the Snakky Max Green

Crane Shopper 2

Refurbished Crane Shopper 2

The Shopper 2 food merchandiser combines tried and tested reliability with a fresh food and beverage flexibility, offering a 24-hour refreshment service.

Only £2,500 plus V.A.T. (Was £2,900)

Go to the Shopper 2

Crane BevMax

Refurbished Crane BevMax

One of our most popular machines. With a large glass fronted display and vend sensor to guarantee product delivery, the BevMax is a superior vending option.

Only £1,100 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,300)

Go to the BevMax

Crane Evolution

Refurbished Crane Evolution

The Evolution provides a truly versatile drinks vending solution for all environments where a high quality beverage needs to be served quickly and efficiently.

Only £1,250 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,500)

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Crane Focus

Refurbished Crane Focus

Crane’s Focus machine is a versatile merchandiser offering customers a variety of food and drinks, meeting the varying needs of today’s busy vending environments.

Only £1,400 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,600)

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Necta Tango

Brand New Necta Tango

A high-tech, environmentally-friendly snack and drink machine versatile enough to vend fresh food, snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles.

Only £3,150 plus V.A.T. (Was £3,500)

Go to the Tango

Necta Jazz

Brand New Necta Jazz

A brand new superior snack and drink vending machine offering offices and business a sleek, uncluttered, and aesthetically pleasing vending solution.

Only £2,800 plus V.A.T.

Go to the Jazz

Azkoyen Palma+ H70

Azkoyen Palma+ H70

This user-friendly, environmentally-friendly and durable vending machine offers a flexible product range – from snacks or drinks to a combination of the two.

Only £1,350 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,600)

Go to the Palma+

Crane Climate

Crane Climate

The Climate is an innovative and versatile snack and drink vending machine offering surprisingly high capacity in a compact space. An ideal vending solution for smaller sites.

Only £1,400 plus V.A.T. (Was £1,800)

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