The UK’s First Beer Vending Machine Appears in Pub

Whatever you say, guv’nor.

After what we can only assume was a long drinking session, the landlord of The Fox pub in Hackney decided to install a beer vending machine.

“Some people have hated it,” said landlord Joseph Ryan. “It has started a discussion. But there are others who have been really nice about it.”

Quite why a landlord decided to install a vending machine dispensing alcoholic beverages in an establishment which sells alcoholic beverages is anyone’s guess, but it’s almost certainly a first for British boozers.

The machine, which was bought off eBay for £1,500, has been modified with a robotic arm so the beers, lagers, and craft ales it vends aren’t shaken during dispensing. The beverages on offer also aren’t available behind the bar, ensuring staff won’t be given the boot should the innovative machine become a raving success.

So why did the landlord decide to install the vending machine?

“I’m passionate about pushing the industry forward,” claimed Ryan.

Well at least we can drink to that.