We Supply New & Used Coffee Machines (Bean to Cup, Fresh Brew) ...

We currently have over 50 coffee Machines in stock new and used. Below is listed some of the different types of Coffee Machines we have available for sale. Price for a new Coffee Machines start at 149.99. You can lease, rent or buy machines from us. Lease a Coffee machine from only 5.00 per week plus vat. We also have fresh Milk machines available from WMF.

Genesis Bean to Cup: 1350.00 Plus Vat (Site Ready)

More Coffee Machines

New Coffetek Coffee Machine


Stentorfield Revive

The Stentorfield Revive is designed to meet today’s tastes of quality and choice. The completely flexible drinks choice provides total customer satisfaction leading to increased profits.

  • Single button drink selection
  • Wide choice of quality hot drinks
  • Quick and simple to clean and replenish
  • Backlit display panel
  • Simple, single button flush system
  • Programmable selection buttons
Height: 673 mm Width: 295 mm Depth: 490 mm Weight: 30 kg



Stentorfield Vision B2C

The Stentorfield Vision B2C combines the convenience of a fully automatic beverage machine with advanced espresso technology and soluble products. The machine provides discerning consumers with authentic freshly ground espresso based speciality drinks ... made to perfection!

  • Single button drink selection
  • 1.4 kg coffee bean capacity stored in visible container with lockable lid
  • Consistent drink quality with every vend
  • Backlit display panel
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Self regulating grinder ensures consistent gram throw and superb drink quality
  • Easy to clean and replenish
  • Optional condiments stand available

Special offer Only 900.00 Plus Vat (4 Pieces Left) Site Ready

Height: 805 mm Width: 320 mm Depth: 580 mm Weight: 40 kg.

Vision Xtra

The choice of drinks available from the Vision Xtra is unlimited, even drinks containing sugar can now be dispensed. Selection buttons are configurable to any mix of the ingredients contained in the machine, allowing drink combinations to be developed specific to customer requirements in a choice of cup, mug or jug sizes. The two models available provide a choice of either 9 or 11 hot beverage selections.

  • Drink selection flexibility guarantees a wide choice of quality hot beverages
  • Optimised drink presentation achieved through control of whipping time
  • Simple, user friendly single button drink selection
  • Quick and simple to clean and replenish
  • Choice of boiler elements - single, double or triple
  • Jug facility
  • Optional base cabinets available
Vision Xtra 300:
Height: 680 mm Width: 295 mm Depth: 487 mm Weight: 35 kg.
Vision Xtra 400:
Height: 680 mm Width: 380 mm Depth: 487 mm Weight: 50 kg.


Stentorfield Contour


The Stentorfield Contour provides your customers with a stylish, easy to operate table-top drinks vending machine. Offering a full range of delicious instant selections, the Contour also offers the option of two freshbrew coffees and freshbrew tea.

  • Full range of instant hot drinks plus freshbrew tea and coffee
  • Simple, user friendly operation with an electronic message display
  • Mild, normal & strong option for tea and coffee selections
  • Quick and simple to clean and replenish
  • Simple price changing
  • Large 350 cup capacity from automatic cup dispenser
  • Free vend or choice of payment systems
  • Twice daily self-clean programme
  • Optional base cabinet available (shown)
Height: 985 mm Width: 660 mm Depth: 590 mm Weight: 115 kg.




With the launch of the Genesis, Crane Merchandising Systems have introduced a machine range built to satisfy today's demand for smaller, yet highly specified table-top equipment. With machines that offer a full range of instant, double freshbrew and bean to cup (B2C) selections, the Genesis is a truly versatile, fully featured hot drinks solution.

So just push the button, take your drink and enjoy the experience!

  • Superb choice of hot instant, freshbrew and bean to cup drinks from compact, stylish machine
  • Intuitive and user friendly single button build a drink selection procedure
  • Large 230 cup capacity from automatic cup dispenser fitted with SureVend™ technology
  • Able to dispense both paper & plastic cups
  • Fully compatible with established MDB & Executive coin and cashless systems
  • Quick and simple to clean and replenish
  • Optional base cabinet available
Instant & Double Freshbrew
Height: 756 mm Width: 544 mm Depth: 597 mm Weight: 70 kg.

Optional Base Cabinet
Height: 906mm Width: 584 mm Depth: 612mm


     Bean To Cup Coffee Machine
  Etna Vega
The Etna Vega is a highly reliable Bean to cup coffee machine. The machine is very simple to use and more importantly easy to use.
The machine is capable of vending a variety of different size drinks and is also capable of filling up a Jug.


Height: 755 mm Width: 410 mm Depth: 580 mm Weight: 42 kg.


Also have the 3 Canister full instant version available

Stentorfield Vision


The stylish Vision range offers the perfect ‘front of house’ solution for hotels, restaurants, bars and offices and more. The three models, available in either silver or black, provide customers with either 4 drink selections or a more comprehensive drinks choice from systems offering either 8 or 10 selections.

  • Single button drink selection
  • High speed dispense - black coffee in 3 seconds
  • Wide choice of quality hot drinks
  • Backlit display panel
  • Programmable selection buttons
  • Quick and simple to clean and replenish
  • Choice of boiler elements
  • Jug facility
Vision 100/300:
Height: 680 mm Width: 295 mm Depth: 487 mm Weight: 30/35 kg.
Vision 400:
Height: 680 mm Width: 380 mm Depth: 487 mm Weight: 50 kg




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